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New The Surge Gameplay Shows Off Story Bits and Savage Executions


New The Surge Gameplay Shows Off Story Bits and Savage Executions

Slo-motion limb dismemberment. That is all.

The Surge, Deck 13’s newest action RPG following 2014’s Lords of the Fallen, is looking pretty interesting. Check out the latest 14-minute developer walkthrough below.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of The Surge’s gameplay for the past year, but this latest chunk seems more polished and representative of the final game’s flow. Whereas other games in the Souls-vein of RPG have focused on weapons that do unique light and heavy attacks, The Surge divides its attacks into horizontal and vertical strikes. This is important, because targeting specific body parts is also a fundamental strategy.

In the gameplay we see several instances of the player wearing down an unarmored part of the body (be it an arm, leg, or head) to the point where they can finish the enemy with a DOOM 2016-like finishing move. Like Lords of the Fallen or the recently released Nioh, you control a specific character, Warren, navigating his employer’s facility after an event that has turned every worker and drone bloodthirsty.

The Surge is planned for release in May for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



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