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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Is Quietly Confident About E3 Lineup


Xbox Head Phil Spencer Is Quietly Confident About E3 Lineup

Ready for E3?

Xbox head Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter that he is feeling confident about what the Xbox One will have to show off at this year’s E3. Things may have been a bit rocky for the Xbox lately, especially with the cancellation of the highly anticipated RPG Scalebound, and the fact Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a lot of great exclusives on the way, but Spencer seems unconcerned.

It was recently announced that Xbox’s conference would take place on the Sunday, which is a few days later than usual. Spencer has stated that this will be a nice change of pace but apologized to European viewers for the late hour. When a fan on Twitter said it seemed like a confident move, Spencer said he is feeling confident.

We really have no clue yet as to what Microsoft may have up its sleeve when it comes to E3 this year but no doubt it will be coming in guns blazing in order to try and reassure fans that recent cancellations doesn’t mean there aren’t great games on the way. As we reported, Spencer revealed in January that he is feeling good about what Xbox has to show.

E3 2017 will kick off on June 14 to the 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It will be livestreamed by several sites for those of us who can’t go.

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