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Oxygen Not Included Water Purifier: How to Set it Up


Oxygen Not Included Water Purifier: How to Set it Up

Oxygen Not Included tasks you with keeping your colony of duplicants alive. Things we take for granted in the real world suddenly appear as precious commodities that will keep your game going strong. Water is one such commodity, and you’ll need a lot of it for a ton of crafting recipes.

If you have a large amount of contaminated water, you will want to set up a water purifier to slowly trickle in some of that good ol’ fresh stuff.

To do this, place the purifier where you deem it convenient to be, as your duplicants will go to it and stock it with sand whenever it needs it. Then, place a water pump in the contaminated water. You’re going to connect a pipe between this and the purifier. After that, you need to place another pipe from the purifier, heading to where you want your fresh water to drip into. And finally, you’ll place a liquid vent at the end of this pipe so that the water can trickle down.

That’s all there is to setting up a water purifier, and it will be great to get some fresh supply rolling in. If you combine this with a lavatory, your duplicants’ pee will be recyclable fuel!

For more help with Oxygen Not Included, be sure to check out Twinfinite for guides and tips.

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