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Oxygen Not Included Lavatory: How to Set Up a Toilet


Oxygen Not Included Lavatory: How to Set Up a Toilet

Oxygen Not Included will start you off with the bare bones technology for you to build up your colony. Your outhouse is great, but eventually you’re probably going to want to upgrade to a lavatory for much cleaner disposal of contamination. Not to mention that this toilet relieves stress, too!

To get your lavatory toilet set up, you will want to place it in a central place where your duplicants will be able to reach it easily when they need to. You won’t need to worry about placing compost right next to it or anything like that, as it’s much cleaner to maintain. Then, you will need one pipe going into it from fresh water, and another pipe leaving it to where ever you would like the contaminated water to go to.

A smart way to handle this is in conjunction with a water purifier if you have one already set up. Having the contaminated water feed straight into the water purifier will allow your duplicants’ pee to be recycled into fresh water! It’s a very good way to get some constant dripping water, so long as you have enough sand to power the purifier, of course.

For more help with Oxygen Not Included, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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