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Nintendo Switch Gets a New Commercial, Actually Makes 1-2 Switch Look Fun

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Nintendo Switch Gets a New Commercial, Actually Makes 1-2 Switch Look Fun

What a nice party game.

Nintendo UK has released a brand new commercial for their upcoming Switch console. It doesn’t really show us anything that hasn’t already been featured in the console’s debut trailer, but it does have a much larger focus on the already announced games, as well as the Joy-Con motion controls. You can check out the new trailer in the embedded tweet down below.

1-2 Switch was probably the most prominent title featured in the commercial, and it really shows how great it can be as a party game that you use to show off your brand new toy to your friends. The motion controls are shown off in full blast here, and it certainly looks like it’s the perfect tool for tons of silliness between friends. It’s just a shame that it’ll be sold as a full price title, and not a packed in game like most people might have been expecting.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be released on March 3 this year. What are your thoughts on the console so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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