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Elder Scrolls Online Will Take You Back to Morrowind in June


Elder Scrolls Online Will Take You Back to Morrowind in June

Let’s go back.

Elder Scrolls Online players were aware of hints that an upcoming adventure would take players back to Morrowind. Today, Bethesda revealed that the rumors certainly were true: the “next great adventure” for ESO is a trip down memory lane.

The Morrowind expansion will be the first Chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, described as longer than a DLC pack. Players will journey back to Vvardenfell from ES III, described as the “largest zone to date,” and recreated directly from the 2002 game. For fans of that game, players will return to Balmora and Vivec City. Don’t worry if you’re a long time player or just getting into the MMO, it’s intended for all players who love the series. For those new players (and those who wish to make new characters), there’ll be a new start zone in the expansion for you to start fresh, along with a new tutorial.

For those just hopping in to the adventure, Elder Scrolls Online’s full base campaign is also included when you buy the Morrowind expansion. Said expansion will release on June 6.

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