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Dragon Quest X is Coming to the Switch, Ending Wii Support

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X is Coming to the Switch, Ending Wii Support

Time to cut the subscription.

Dragon Quest X is the MMORPG entry of the series, and it looks like the game’s services and support on the Nintendo Wii will be ending soon. Unsurprising, considering the fact that the Wii is a pretty outdated console at this point, and might not be able to handle the game’s future updates. However, not all is lost.

The game will be getting a Switch port as well, and Wii users will be given the chance to upgrade to that version of the game. At the moment, there aren’t any details on how the upgrade will work or when the Switch version will even be released. The port is set to be released for the Switch some time between summer and fall, but we don’t have any concrete dates just yet. Still, it’s good to hear about this news now so players can plan their subscription schedule accordingly.

Dragon Quest X is now available exclusively in Japan. There’s no word on whether it’ll be coming west.

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