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This Adorable Baby Mercy At Katsucon Wins the Internet Today


This Adorable Baby Mercy At Katsucon Wins the Internet Today

Heroes Never Die!

As any parent will tell you, it’s important to have high hopes and high expectations for the things your child will accomplish in life. Attend a great college. Obtain their dream job. Have strong moral fiber. But most importantly, you want your child to remind the world that heroes never die. One adorable Overwatch fan, now known best as #BabyMercy, has certainly just made her parents the proudest on the planet.

Model and cosplayer Natasha Vineyard has created her own stunning versions of some of today’s most popular video game characters but even her gorgeous rendition of Overwatch’s Hanzo was no match for a pint-sized Mercy. Natasha’s daughter is currently making a solid attempt to break the internet as she happily prances down a hallway at Katsucon in the Mercy costume her mother made her. If you haven’t seen this little angel attempt her Rez on your timeline just yet, consider this a gift.

There may not be any fallen teammates around for Baby Mercy to help out but she has officially melted the hearts of more than 7,000 users on Twitter.



The only thing that could possibly make this video any more amazing is if it somehow inspires Overwatch players all across the world to actually play Mercy more often instead of holding on to their obsession with their favorite DPS character. Sure, it’s a long shot. But we can dream, can’t we?

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