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Black Bolt Shouts His Way Into Marvel Heroes 2016


Black Bolt Shouts His Way Into Marvel Heroes 2016

The former leader of the Inhumans is now playable.

Though confusingly still holding the 2016 tag, one thing Marvel Heroes isn’t confused about is what characters their players want. Black Bolt, the former king of Inhumans is now a playable character. Alongside his classic costume, Black Bolt’s All-New, All-Different outfit is also available. Using his voice as a weapon, he causes massive destruction with just the smallest of whispers, so he normally chooses to remain silent. This is reflected in Marvel Heroes, if the volume is raised during use of his voice abilities.

Black Bolt ANAD
Black Bolt Classic


A Hero Pack can be purchased for $17.99 which includes the character, his two costumes, a Hero S.T.A.S.H. which adds extra space to Black Bolt’s inventory specifically, 6 fortune cards, and 2 experience boosts.

Marvel Heroes 2016 can be downloaded for free and is available exclusively on PC.

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