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You Can Download God of War’s Epic E3 Presentation Music

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You Can Download God of War’s Epic E3 Presentation Music

That chanting.

The God of War games have some epic music hidden behind all the blood and guts, and the new one looks to be no exception. We first got a sample of it back when the game was revealed at E3 back in June, performed live by composer Bear McCreary and his orchestra. If you’ve wanted to download it and listen to the Norse score that’ll be playing during Kratos and son’s new adventure, you’re now able to download it. As a reward for continuing to make the E3 trailer the most watched PlayStation trailer ever (it currently has over 15 million views), Sony Santa Monica has made the track downloadable. You can go ahead and download it here. And just to make it even better, they kept in the applause at the end.

In the new God of War, Kratos will teach his young son Atreus to survive in the world of Norse gods in monsters. Atreus wants his father’s respect, but that’s easier said than done, given who we’re dealing with. Especially when new monsters and deities threaten Kratos’ attempts to calm the inner monster within.

God of War arrives on the PS4 later this year.

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