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5 Switch Features That Show Nintendo’s Learned a Lot


5 Switch Features That Show Nintendo’s Learned a Lot

Learning from the past.

Not Leaning too Heavily Into a Gimmick


Nintendo has always been a company that focuses on innovation and taking chances with their hardware in terms of design and use. This, however, can sometimes get a bit of out hand as the gimmick of the system can sometimes compromise or entirely take over the gameplay. Star Fox Zero, for example, tried so hard to utilize the technology of the Wii U that it created a terrible experience for a much anticipated game. Even staple series like Mario had to have their entire mechanics built around a single concept.

Despite the Nintendo Switch having a plethora of features pulled from their controllers and setups, they didn’t rely too much on them. Sure, there were games like 1-2 Switch that focus on the aspect and give the console individuality, but major titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey seem set on delivering a strong gaming experience in the way they see fit.

By carefully spacing the use of their unique features, Nintendo has a chance to focus on refining their gameplay. They seem to have struck a healthy balance between allowing players to have a casual, straight forward experience and one based around the variety of different controller options.

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