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Will Playdead Ever Use Colors Other Than Gray? New Teaser Says No


Will Playdead Ever Use Colors Other Than Gray? New Teaser Says No

A mysterious picture.

Playdead, the developer behind Inside and Limbo, has started teasing their next title over on Twitter. The studio sent out the tweet below with a piece of concept art from their next game, which they say they’ve been working on since the release of Inside.

There’s little to glean from this piece of art, but it looks just as grim and moody as the two titles we’ve already seen from Playdead. The character featured looks like they could be some kind of pilot based on their attire, and the fact that they’re carrying a torn up parachute behind them. Of course the comet in the sky could be anyone’s guess since we’re dealing with the studio that made Limbo and Playdead. A snowy setting could be interesting for their next outing though, as both of their previous games have been incredibly atmospheric and creepy.

Stay tuned for more details on the new project, as they become available. What do you think Playdead is teasing with this new photo? Would would you like to see from the studio’s next game? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.


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