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Undertale Creator’s Concept Art Shows How the Characters Evolved


Undertale Creator’s Concept Art Shows How the Characters Evolved

Anime fish, y’all.

Toby Fox, the creator of 2015’s Undertale, decided to share some early artwork from his hit indie game. According to his Twitter, he had found an old notebook from college which shows the first ideas for the game.

In the first couple of pages, fans can spot the original idea for Toriel, with the notes stating she would be “the first boss…the tutorial person who can’t stand to see you leave,” simply because she thinks you aren’t strong enough. Early design work for the battle system is included, with the options looking somewhat familiar to the final product.

There are also some characters that fans might notice, such as Papyrus, shown sporting a fedora. There is no art for Sans, instead he only has a note just saying he will be the brother to Papyrus. Interestingly enough, there are notes that are blacked out, which might be related to the W.D Gaster, a mysterious character that is never fully mentioned in the game.

According to Toby Fox’s Twitter, Asgore was meant to be a more serious character early on in the development of Undertale, and Undyne was meant to be more of an “anime fish.” Expect for Undyne, it’s easy to see where the current cast looks came from and interesting to see the evolution of Undertale, a game that is well-known for its characters.


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