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Super Mario Run Has Raked In $30 Million Since Launch

super mario run

Super Mario Run Has Raked In $30 Million Since Launch

Could be better.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first ever venture into the mobile market and Mario’s own debut appearance on a non-Nintendo platform, was launched last December on iOS devices, and will be coming to Android pretty soon. Since the launch of the new free app, it’s enjoyed over 90 million downloads.

However, in comparison to the number of downloads its received, the app itself has only made $30 million in revenue, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. While the app itself is free to download and play, the free version only gives players access to the first couple of levels for each of the three game modes. In order to unlock everything and see all the content the app has to offer, players need only pay a one-time fee of $9.99. This means that out of the 90 million people that have downloaded the game, only about three million have actually paid for the full thing.

Given the relatively low profits the app has turned in, along with the drop in Nintendo’s stock prices, it’s little wonder why the company is hesitant to continue supporting the app with more content and levels.

Super Mario Run is now available on iOS devices.

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