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Pokemon GO Unlikely to Come to China Due to “National Security Risks”

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Unlikely to Come to China Due to “National Security Risks”

Bad news for Pokemon fans.

Pokemon GO is unlikely to see the light of day in China after the state censor said the game’s potential security risks had to be evaluated first.

According to Reuters, concerns were raised after fatal road accidents were believed to be caused by distracted players. The state censor concluded that Pokemon GO was a “threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers.”

The censor also claimed Pokemon GO poses a threat to national security due to its location-based services. As Pokemon GO relies on mapping the player’s movements with the help of Google’s Maps service, the censor believes the game poses a threat to “geographical information security,” also.

This wouldn’t be the first time Pokemon GO has faced some troubles regarding its location-based services. Back in August 2016, a Candian woman filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic for an invasion of privacy, after her house was classed as Pokemon Gym in the app.

Of course, many may have seen this coming, as a handful of Google’s services, including Maps, are already blocked in China. While it’s certainly unlikely that Pokemon GO will ever get approved by the State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, there’s always a chance that developers of similar games will make the necessary amendments to get their game out in the market. For now, though, you’ll have to wait to become the very best there ever was.

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