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Pokemon GO Is Now Available to Play in South Korea

pokemon go

Pokemon GO Is Now Available to Play in South Korea

Gotta catch ’em all!

Pokemon GO was first released in the Summer of last year and it took the world by storm. First released in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and then in Canada, Great Britain, and all across Europe. The mobile game was a huge hit and saw gamers of every kind walking around in search of Pokemon.

Most of the world may now have access to Pokemon GO, but a few countries haven’t allowed it to be released for various reasons. One such country was South Korea, but now the game is available there too. The news was first announced on the game’s official Twitter page.

The fact the game took so long to see a release in South Korea is thought to be related to the restrictions the country puts on Google Maps, a core component of how the game works. This is also one of the reasons the game is not available in China, though there are also reports that the country feels the game could be a risk to national security.

Other countries where Pokemon GO is unavailable includes the likes of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea.


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