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Nintendo Announces New Paid Online Service for Switch

Nintendo Switch, online services

Nintendo Announces New Paid Online Service for Switch

A fresh start online for the Switch.

Nintendo has today announced that its upcoming Switch console will be running on a new online services platform.

Nintendo Switch’s online services will allow players to enjoy online multiplayer gaming, as expected. It was also revealed that when players use smart devices with the Switch, they’ll be able to invite friends to play online, set appointments, and chat with friends.

The services will be trialed for free for a limited time following the launch of the console on March, 3. However, beginning in Fall 2017, Nintendo will be rolling out a subscription model for the Switch’s online system. Just like Sony’s PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft’s Xbox Live services.

More details on the online service are expected in the coming months.

We’ll be updating you with all of the news as it develops, so be sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite.


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