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Modder Takes Resident Evil HD Remake and Gives It a First-Person View

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Modder Takes Resident Evil HD Remake and Gives It a First-Person View

If only Capcom did the same.

Users on NeoGAF have found a video by a modder by the name of Rod Lima who has taken Resident Evil HD Remastered, released in January 2015 and based on the original GameCube game from 2002, and reversed engineered the title to allow first-person gameplay.

Both the cut-scenes and gameplay are in entirely first-person, and a video seen below shows off main character Jill Valentine’s first few moments exploring the Spencer Mansion.

Another video seen here shows off a longer cut-scene in first-person as Jill and Barry Burton investigate a gunshot blast from a dining hall.

According to the NeoGAF users, Lima extracted the model and animation data from the REmake and completely remade the Mansion backdrops using the 3D modeling package, Blender.

It’s timely that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the first first-person entry into the series, releases tomorrow on Jan. 24. Although its unlikely that you can get your hands on a first-person iteration of the first Resident Evil unless it’s from Capcom itself, perhaps Biohazard might be a good way to scratch that first-person itch after watching Lima’s impressive modding work.


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