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Here’s How You Can Try Out Mass Effect: Andromeda 5 Days Early

delayed, 2017

Here’s How You Can Try Out Mass Effect: Andromeda 5 Days Early

If the demo is 10 hours, how big is the full game?

Can’t wait all the way until March 21 to play the next entry in BioWare’s Mass Effect saga? Well, if you’re an EA Access subsciber, you won’t have to.

EA has revealed that it plans to make a 10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda demo playable by EA Access subscribers beginning on March 16. That would be five days before Andromeda’s North American release date and seven days before its European release.

Both EA Access members on Xbox One and Origin Access members on PC will be able to play the trial. PlayStation gamers are out of luck, as the service is not available on PS4.

At 10 hours, the Mass Effect: Andromeda demo is pretty beefy, and, assuming it’s like other EA Access demos, any progress players make during the demo will carry over to the full game once purchased. EA didn’t actually specify whether the demo would be single-player, multiplayer, or both. But given the Mass Effect series’ heavy reliance on single-player experiences, it’s likely at least a portion of the RPG’s campaign will be playable.

An EA Access subscription can be purchased for either $5 a month or $30 a year. Subscribers can stream select Electronic Arts games in addition to playing pre-release demos.


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