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You Can Get a NES Classic Edition Later Today at the Nintendo Store


You Can Get a NES Classic Edition Later Today at the Nintendo Store

This may be your last chance before Christmas.

Nintendo’s NES Classic, a miniaturized version of its first games console with 30 games packed in, has been one of the must-have gifts of the 2016 holiday season. Unfortunately, getting the mini NES has been a real challenge, as it’s constantly been sold out just about everywhere.

Later today, though, NES Classic hunters in the New York area will have one more chance to get their hands on one before Christmas. Nintendo announced on Twitter earlier this morning that the Nintendo New York store at 10 Rockefeller Plaza, on 48th Street in New York City would be getting resupplied today. NES Classics will go on sale at the store starting at 2 p.m. EST.

Given the console’s wild popularity, however, you shouldn’t expect to just show up at 2 and walk out with a NES Classic. Nintendo plans to hand out wristbands beginning at 1 p.m. to those in line while supplies last. Those supplies will be limited to one per customer.

The NES Classic costs $60, but due to demand far outstripping supply, resellers have been hawking them en masse on eBay for three times as much or more since its release on November 11.

Nintendo sold 196,000 units of the diminutive console in November alone, and it has almost certainly sold more NES Classics in the past two months than it did Wii U consoles over the most recently reported six-month sales period for that console.


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