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Star Wars Battlefront Scarif DLC Has Arrived with Bugs

Star Wars Battlefront, Rogue One: Scarif

Star Wars Battlefront Scarif DLC Has Arrived with Bugs

EA issues workaround.

The Scarif DLC for Star Wars Battlefront landed earlier this month to coincide with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but it has come with bugs.

The DLC pack added two new hero characters, a new infiltration game mode, and quite a hefty patch for the main game. Unfortunately the update has brought quite a lot of bugs on all of the platforms, and one serious bug that causes people to lose access to all of their previously purchased content.

Even for some players with the season pass, the other DLC packs have become locked; EA has been tracking these bugs and has released a quick workaround for this particular bug. The problem, according to EA stemmed from a licensing issue. This still doesn’t alleviate a fairly long list of problems elsewhere.

Other players have reported that they are unable to access hutt contracts for the medical droid, sonic imploder kills not registering, and having challenges reset or not corresponding to actions carried out in-game.

EA hasn’t confirm anything right now, but a patch will likely be on its way, and it may well be worth waiting until then.

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