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Wipeout Returns in Style at the PlayStation Experience Conference


Wipeout Returns in Style at the PlayStation Experience Conference

Need for speed.

Wipeout is a series that has long been dormant, however today at the PlayStation Experience a new trailer was shown off. This high octane racing game is finally making its way to PS4 in the form of a collection. The titles included are Wipeout HD, Fury, and 2028.

In the brief trailer we were shown updated visuals along with the classic, chaotic based gameplay. This is the first time that the PS Vita only titles like Wipeout 20148 have made their way to a next-gen console.  Dubbed the Wipeout Omega Collection it is set for an unannounced 2017 release date, so you have more than enough time to brush up on you piloting skills.

There is no word if Wipeout Omega Collection will include new tracks, modes, or viechles, as it just appears to be a remastering of other titles in the series. It’s also unknown if this game will be updated for 4K or what the framerate will be set as.

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