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Watch Dogs 2’s T-Bone DLC Lets You Drive a Dragon Bus


Watch Dogs 2’s T-Bone DLC Lets You Drive a Dragon Bus

Thank you, T-Bone.

If you’ve been loving Watch Dogs 2, but found yourself in need of some new rides or clothes, you’re in luck. Your trusty fellow hacker T-Bone has got your back on both fronts with his new DLC.

The new vehicle for Watch Dogs 2 is a school bus named Bertha that’s got speakers surrounding it, along with metal flames and red lights for eyes to make it look like a dragon. Because of course. If you’ve ever needed to get through traffic, Bertha’s the ride for you. As far as clothes are concerned, you can dress like T-Bone, right down to the hat.

Also introduced in the DLC is a new enemy type called the Grenadier, appropriately armed with a grenade launcher, and a new co-op challenge called Mayhem. In it, the name of the game is to just cause plenty of explosions and chaos. Which won’t be too hard if you know your stuff.

The T-Bone DLC pack is out now for Watch Dogs 2 owners on PS4. Xbox One and PC players can grab it on Jan. 24 either by itself, or as part of the season pass.

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