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Uncharted 4’s New Co-op Survival Mode Is Available This Tuesday

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Uncharted 4’s New Co-op Survival Mode Is Available This Tuesday

Survival of the fittest.

For those looking to bring some more challenge into their Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End multiplayer experience than your wait is almost over. In a post by Naughty Dog, they have confirmed that this new horde mode will be available to all players on December 13. This mode tasks players with surviving 50 rounds of non-stop chaos, as waves of enemies will continually challenge players of all skill levels. At every 10th level, a boss will appear and require your group to work together in order to kill it.

However, unlike other horde modes, Uncharted 4’s will actually have objectives that players will need to complete. These can range from defending a certain location, killing key targets, or collecting a certain number of artifacts. Naughty Dog also announced that this multiplayer update will also bring new maps and weapons for players to choose from. All of this will be revealed in a livestream held this Tuesday 2 PM EST where the developers will answer questions and walk players through the new content.

If you are looking to jump back into the world of Uncharted 4 then this Tuesday might one of the best opportunities.

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