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Super Mario Run Has Been Downloaded 40 Million Times in Four Days, Says Nintendo

super mario run

Super Mario Run Has Been Downloaded 40 Million Times in Four Days, Says Nintendo

Run, Mario, run!

Super Mario Run has been out for just under a week since it was released back on Dec. 15. There has been much speculation as to how many downloads the game has had but now Nintendo has officially confirmed that the game saw over 40 million downloads within the first four days of release.

According to a statement, Nintendo revealed the staggering figures for the first official Nintendo mobile game and it certainly looks like people have been very interested in trying the title.

It is worth noting that these figures do not state how many players have actually spent money on the game or how much money the game has earned so far, certainly something that will be of concern to investors.

Nintendo has called Super Mario Run “free-to-start”, meaning you can download and try the game for free, but you will then need to purchase it for $10 to get access to all the content.

40 million downloads within four days is certainly a huge achievement and a testament to how popular Mario is. It remains to be seen if the game is a financial success, but it will certainly have made more than the average mobile game.

The game is currently at the top of the  iTunes “Free” and “Top Grossing” charts. Nintendo has also announced that it currently has no plans to support the game with DLC.

The game is currently only available on iOS but an Android version is coming next year.

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