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Check out This Unity Recreation of the Original Star Wars: X-Wing Game


Check out This Unity Recreation of the Original Star Wars: X-Wing Game

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Space combat games have always been a high mark for Star Wars video game adaptations as they allow fans to experience some of the film franchise’s most thrilling battles. One of the earliest titles to try and capture the feeling of dogfighting in space was 1993’s Star Wars: X-Wing. Now, years later some dedicated fans have pulled their game development knowledge and resources together in order to remake this classic title with modern graphics and enhancements.

In a post by user Azrapse, details and concept for this recreation were laid out as well as this project’s new name. Dubbed XWVM, Azrapse explains that this entire recreation is done through Unity3D and will be targeted for a PC, Mac, Linux, and possibly Android and iOS release. Azrapse also detailed some improvements that have either already been made or ones that are hoping to be incorporated in the future.

These changes include:

  • Mouse input support
  • Joystick and button mapping support
  • Improvements to targeting
  • Objective completion list
  • Removing yaw, roll, and pitch limitations
  • In-voice warnings if your ship reaches a critical status
  • Choice between new or original cockpit interior
  • Choice between new or original navigation system
  • Co-operative play
  • Online leaderboards

Along with these notes, Azrapse linked a video that showcased the progress already made in updating Star Wars: X-Wing. While the game is still in the very early stages of being updated, it’s great to see such a classic title get a fresh coat of paint. After all, who doesn’t want to fly an X-Wing and shoot down Tie Fighters?

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