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Overwatch’s Christmas Comic Reveals its First Queer Character


Overwatch’s Christmas Comic Reveals its First Queer Character


Fans have been asking for queer representation in Blizzard’s Overwatch since…basically the moment the characters were revealed. After months of being coy from the developers and promising to reveal that person “when the time’s right,” the Christmas comic revealed who it is. And that person is…Lena Oxton, aka, Tracer.

The “Reflections” comic went live today on the game’s website. In it, the various Overwatch characters celebrate the holidays in their own way, whether that’s visiting family, robbing an amusement park, or getting drunk at a bar. For Tracer, that means going home to her roommate Emily, and as shown below, the two of them kiss after Lena comes home. Afterwards, they later go to Winston’s holiday party.

Since the comic released and readers got to the panel above, the reactions have been unanimous praise. Tracer being queer is just one of the many planned characters that Blizzard has planned for Overwatch, and more will be revealed in the future.

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