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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get to the Secret Dungeon Pitioss Ruins


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get to the Secret Dungeon Pitioss Ruins

Pitioss Ruins – Final Fantasy XV

There are quite a few dungeons to explore in Final Fantasy XV, many of which the story doesn’t actually take you to. There’s one secret dungeon, however, that requires a few special objectives in order to reach.

The secret dungeon called the Pitioss Ruins is incredibly unique in that there are no enemies inside, but it’s made up of a series of puzzle rooms and platforming. It’s definitely one of the more interesting areas in the whole game. To reach the ruins you’ll need to undertake a quest called “Stealing the Past,” but first you’re going to need to get your hand on the Regalia Type-F.

This flying version of the Regalia will allow you to traverse the world faster and reach the otherwise inaccessible area Pitioss is in. You can see the full description of how to get the Regalia Type-F here, but basically you’re going to need to complete all of Cindy’s side quests, reach Chapter 15, and take down Formouth Garrison to collect the Strange Engine item there.

Once you have the Type-F, head to the city of Lestallum to find the Stealing the Past quest. You’re going to need to go to a very specific spot, and listen to a conversation. This also has to happen at night between 21:00 and 25:00. You want to go to the easternmost back alley in Lestallum, and find an alley that curves in an L shape.  It’s just east of the city’s arms vendor Culles Munitions, and just north of the first restaurant Tozus Counter. At the beginning of the alley is a window that you can interact with, and hear two thieves talking about a mysterious place by Ravatogh.

Now you’ll have a new objective to head to the Verinas Mart at Ravatogh, and talk to the informant there. Once you do, your map will be marked with another new objective for the quest. Hop in the Regalia Type-F and fly out of the area, before turning around and coming back for an approach. Follow the objective marker up to the north of Verinas Mart, and you’ll spot a small building up on top of a large rocky area. There’s a small dirt road leading up to the building that you can use as a landing pad, but be careful as you don’t have much room to land.

Proceed into the building and interact with the crate on the right to complete the quest and discover the Pitioss Ruins. You’ll be rewarded with the valuable item Magitek Core, and a whopping 50,000 EXP. The Pitioss Ruins are only open at night so you may have to wait, but now you’re free to explore their treacherous depths and find some valuable items inside.

For more help on Final Fantasy XV be sure to check back with Twinfinite, or check out our extensive wiki.


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