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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get the Regalia Type-F (Flying Car)


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get the Regalia Type-F (Flying Car)

Regalia Type-F (Flying Car) – Final Fantasy XV

The Regalia is the royal vehicle that Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto take on their epic roadtrip in Final Fantasy XV. During the reveals leading up to the game’s release, the developers shared that the slick royal vehicle would be able to fly. The thing is, they never said when or how. You can beat the main story and never get this vehicle because it’s actually obtained by finding a mysterious item, called the Strange Engine.

As you travel through the world of Final Fantasy XV, different points on the map will reveal themselves to you, some of which are Imperial bases. One of these bases is called Formouth Garrison, and it’s located north of Hammerhead just below the Keycatrich Ruins. It has a recommended level of 46, and should only be attempted by skilled players. If you find yourself struggling in combat, you may want to get to at least level 50 first.

The side quest, simply titled “Formouth Garrison,” starts out relatively simple. You have to infiltrate the base and destroy a Magitek engine. You can do this stealthily by making your away around the base and disabling the spotlights while also taking out the gunners. Or you can go in guns blazing and kill everyone in the area. After destroying the engine, though, you’ll have to face waves of enemies that have increasing difficulty. You’ve broken into bases for the story, and the Imperials remember this quite well, so they want your team dead and you taken into custody.

The first few rounds involve solely soldiers of different varieties: snipers, axemen, assassins, etc. As the rounds continue, a few smaller mechs are thrown in to shake things up. You’ll have a short rest between each round, just enough to auto-revive any of your fallen allies. Try not to run through any Phoenix Downs you may have brought along just yet. Keep everyone healed, and focus on wiping out the enemy.

After getting through the five or so rounds, the big guns will be sent out. Two giant mechs with blades, explosives, machine guns, and area of effect attacks will be dropped in, with both of them standing tall at level 51. You’ll definitely want to focus on one at a time, even though it means having a powerful foe on the side constantly bombarding you with fire. Due to the nature of each robot’s attacks, your party will struggle to survive, especially if you’re under-leveled. Good accessories to equip are the Bulletproof Vest or Suit, the Fire Crest, and anything that helps with lightning damage. Fire will be of the utmost importance, though, as they use rockets that will burn your party members instantly.

While fighting, take note of the different artillery scattered around the battlefield. You can utilize it to take out the legs of the robots, though you need to stay aware at all times. If they turn towards you, get off of the gun and run. As long as you keep moving around, you should be fine. Just make sure to keep healing your party as you go along.

As far as using your own attacks goes, two-handed swords, Thunder, and your Armiger will be your best friends. For partner skills, use Prompto’s Recoil and Ignis’ Libra Elementia. That should help to shorten the time you’re locked in battle.

Once they’re defeated, you’ll gain the Strange Engine, which brings you one step closer to the Regalia Type-F, a slick-looking flying car. Head on over to Hammerhead to speak with Cindy, who will be delighted to see the mysterious car part. She’ll take it from you and then she’ll present you with the Regalia Type-F. It has unlimited fuel and can take off after gathering speed. It can be freely steered around unlike the base Regalia, but it must land on a road. You also have to be careful when landing. Come in too fast and you’ll die.

If you ever want to revert back to normal driving after having your fun with a flying car, just head back over to Cindy and she’ll take care of it for you.

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