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Let’s Predict the New Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Jobs


Let’s Predict the New Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Jobs

Don’t bet the house on Dancer until you read.

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The Most Likely Candidates For New Stormblood Jobs

Finally, after months of agonizing wait since the fan festival in Las Vegas, part two in Tokyo is almost upon us. At Vegas, fans of SE’s flagship MMORPG got confirmation that there would be multiple new jobs in the game’s next expansion, Stormblood, and that we would be getting more information at the Tokyo and Germany fan festivals.

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Last year, before Heavensward, we took a shot at predicting some of the new jobs. It would take a miracle to get all three right, but we were at least able to get one, accurately predicting Dark Knight as a viable new tank job. We’re going to take another stab at it with Stormblood and hope we can go at least one for three again. Let’s start with the most likely candidates, and then move into some outside the box ideas, and then some long shots.

Red Mage (DPS-Support)


OK so we all saw the Scarlet Witch shirt and everyone seems to be torn between it being a reference to either a Red Mage or a Dancer. Unless Yoshida is going to surprise everyone by having it be a reference to TWO “scarlet” jobs, or completely troll everyone by not having it be either, it means probably only one will make it in Stormblood. I’m inclined to leans towards only Red Mage OR Dancer getting in because they would fulfill the same role: a front line DPS/support class (similar to Bard/Machinist but not ranged). Although, if Red Mage does end up filling that role, Dancer has the better chance of being added in as a healer instead of a Red Mage (see below).

Red Mage is arguably the most iconic Final Fantasy job still not yet in FFXIV. The reason it has taken so long to be added is probably because Yoshida and the development team have struggled with deciding what role it would take in FFXIV’s extremely rigid job “holy trinity.” In the far less rigid Final Fantasy XI, Red Mage filled the support role, which doesn’t exactly exist in FFXIV. There are, instead, DPS jobs that raise the alliance’s overall damage through support-like abilities.

My bet is that Red Mage will be a DPS class that focuses on damage through magic-infused sword attacks, while also raising the team’s overall DPS through enhancement magic, and/or achieving that same result through debuffing the enemy.

Dancer (Healer or DPS-Support)


So if you’re on Team-That’s-Totally-A-Dancer-In-The-Trailer, then for you the Scarlet Witch must be a reference to Dancer. Personally, I don’t think they would bother showing off a Dancer in the trailer, but not actually officially revealing it right then and there if it really was going to be a job in the game; but I won’t rule it out either.

I foresee a potential Dancer job being one of two things. First, it could go the FFXI route and be our first front line healing class. If you’re unfamiliar with FFXI, it was a really neat idea where the Dancer would build TP by attacking, and then use TP instead of MP to heal allies, debuff enemies, and support the party. In practice though, Dancer was never able to lock down a permanent spot as a healer, and instead moved into a DPS role with support capabilities. I could totally see SE try and give that idea another go in FFXIV.

Or, just as likely, they will embrace that DPS/support hybrid and make it more like a traditional Dancer like in Final Fantasy Tactics. Give it some melee prowess, and similar to the theorized Red Mage above, let it help raise the parties’ overall DPS through debuffing the enemy.

Samurai (Tank or DPS-Melee)


I would be floored if the Samurai job doesn’t make its way into Stormblood. It was rumored to be considered for Heavensward but ultimately passed up on, and has been referenced by Yoshida in the past.

Considering we didn’t get a melee DPS in Heavensward, Samurai seems like a natural fit to fill that void in Stormblood. However, because I believe that Red Mage or Dancer are just as likely to make it in, and that they will probably be melee-DPS jobs if they do, there’s a better chance that Samurai will be a Tank class instead. Samurai has never really been one before, but neither was Dark Knight before Heavensward, so anything is possible. The most likely path for a Samurai DPS job would be if Red Mage doesn’t make the cut, and Dancer was added instead as a Healer which would leave the DPS slot unoccupied.

Something We’ve Never Heard Of

FFXIV Astrologian

It has to be noted that just as likely as these three is the possibility that SE will add a job that either A. is completely made up/new or B. is super obscure and/or re-imagined for FFXIV. The Astrologian job for example, added in Heavensward, is a very vague reference to Orran Durai from Final Fantasy Tactics.

I would bet that at least ONE of the “multiple” new jobs will follower a similar path and be a total surprise. Perhaps something Garlean-themed that we’re not thinking of?


Next up we have some jobs that could also work in Final Fantasy XIV as well, but are less likely than the three we discussed above.

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