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Ever Wonder What Pokemon Would Look Like as Spaceships?


Ever Wonder What Pokemon Would Look Like as Spaceships?

SS Cutiefly is butterscotch scented.

You’ve probably not sat down and thought deeply about this before, but Pokemon would make for some pretty cool spaceships, as evidenced by the collection of PokeCraft below.

Artist Kezrek is on a quest to turn all kinds of Pokemon into epic starships, complete with classes, engine specifications, and their own special traits. SS Cutiefly, for example, is butterscotch scented.

Each ship takes somewhere between four and nine hours, Kezrek says, with each design requiring a hefty amount of research. There are eight Pokemon in the collection so far, including Houndoom, Absol, and Alolan Raichu. With more to come, you can keep up with the series on Kezrek’s Tumblr page.

Pokemon Cutiefly Space Ship

Pokemon Absol Starship

Pokemon Kingdra Starship

Pokemon Alolan Raichu Starship

Pokemon Floette Starship

Pokemon Kommo-o Starship

Pokemon Houndoom Starship

pokemon masquerain starship

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon GO is in the middle of its holiday event. Special gift boxes are available in the store, Lures last 60 minutes rather than 30, and certain Pokemon are more common out in the wild. You can check up on all the update details over here.

Pokemon GO has also released on the Apple Watch, though the app doesn’t let players actually catch Pokemon.

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