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This Prototype Footage of Until Dawn on PS3 Looks Crazy Different

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This Prototype Footage of Until Dawn on PS3 Looks Crazy Different


It’s worth remembering that Until Dawn, Supermassive Games’ PS4 horror title which came out last year, was originally announced as a Move title for the PlayStation 3.

That, obviously, never came to be, but recently revealed footage provides us with an extensive glimpse into what a PlayStation 3/Move version of Until Dawn might have looked like.

PtoPOnline, a YouTube channel which “covers the rarest and most obscure prototype and unreleased gaming titles” has provided 42 minutes worth of footage from the cancelled Until Dawn PlayStation 3 game, which you can view for yourself below.

As you can see, this game was a very different beast from the Until Dawn that we now know and love.

For starters, the entire thing plays out from a first person perspective, and it looks as though there was more of a focus on puzzle solving through interacting with the various items found in the game’s world.

Still, it seems as though Supermassive Games had set their hearts on the “Cabin in the Woods” type aesthetic of the game, which was very much a part of the PlayStation 4 title which would eventually release much later.

The studio’s latest installment in the Until Dawn franchise is Rush of Blood; a rails shooter exclusive to the PlayStation VR. You can read our review of that right here.


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