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Dreams Beta Delayed Until 2017


Dreams Beta Delayed Until 2017

Dreaming of a release date.

Developer Media Molecule, known for their work on their LittleBigPlanet series, has announced the beta for their newest title, Dreams, originally scheduled for the end of 2016 has been pushed into 2017.

In a blog post, Media Molecule apologized not only for the news of the beta, but for their relative silence and absence at PSX this year. However, the reason for all of this is because of the scale of Dreams:

Now I know it may be difficult to hear, and delays make us sad too. However Dreams is Big. Really big. I mean, we always knew we were a bit crazy, but the enormity of it has taken even us by surprise. And rather than cutting corners we are staying true to our  vision – that Dreams isn’t just about drawing, or sculpting, but also game creation, storytelling, animation, music and sound, all rolled into one whole beautiful PlayStation game.

Media Molecule “[has] a bit more to do before [they share Dreams] with the world,” because they  “don’t want you to have to squint through a haze of bugs or unfinished features.”

Dreams was officially announced during E3 2015, where Media Molecule debuted a trailer for this ambitious project where players can fill worlds with objects and characters of their own design.

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This post was originally written by Ruben Circelli.

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