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Time Magazine Names PlayStation VR as the 6th Best Invention of 2016

playstation vr

Time Magazine Names PlayStation VR as the 6th Best Invention of 2016

But what took the number one spot?

Last week, Time Magazine revealed its list of the “25 Best Inventions of 2016“, and Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is pretty high up in the rankings.

Coming in sixth, cushioned between “Soccer Fields that Fit Anywhere” and “Cannabis that Could Replace Pills”, Time calls PlayStation VR “The Headset Leading a Virtual Revolution.”

The main justification for PlayStation VR’s position on the list, compared to other virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, is its (almost) consumer-friendly affordability.

“In order to access the most cutting-edge virtual reality, people typically have to shell out thousands of dollars” reports Time, explaining that “Sony’s PlayStation VR, by contrast, is designed to work with a console that millions of people already own: the PlayStation 4.”

PlayStation VR currently costs $400, but that doesn’t include any accessories such as the Move Controllers or PlayStation 4 camera, which are required for a number of VR titles currently available for the system.

Number one on Time’s list of best inventions of the year, in case you’re wondering, was “The Levitating Lightbulb.”

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