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Nintendo Switch Will Be Playable for the First Time on January 13

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Will Be Playable for the First Time on January 13

But at a “private” event.

The Nintendo Switch will be playable for the first time at a private Nintendo event in New York on January 13, Polygon reports. Hands-on sessions with the hybrid home/portable games console will take place during a five-hour event the day after a previously announced Switch presentation on January 12, which is now being referred to as the “Tokyo webcast.”

Details about the console’s January 13 demo session are scant for now; not even the time or location were revealed. What is known is that Nintendo plans to “further emphasize some of the details” it will be sharing for the first time during the Tokyo webcast tat will be held live for media and investors.

Just what are those details Nintendo plans to share? Nintendo previously stated that the Switch price and exact release date — it’s currently only been announced as launching in March 2017 — will be revealed during the stream. Additionally, the console holder plans to give viewers a look at the platform’s games lineup.

The Nintendo Switch announcement trailer released in October showed games like Splatoon, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mario Kart and what appeared to be a new 3D Mario platformer running on the hardware. None of these games have been officially announced as Switch games, however, and are for now only known to be part of a marketing sizzle reel as far as the public is concerned.

In fact, Bethesda initially refused to confirm Skyrim was coming to Switch following the announcement trailer. But the company did confirm its support for the console and seemed to strongly hint that it did indeed have a version of its 2011 RPG in the works for Nintendo’s next console.


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