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Nvidia CEO is Very Impressed with the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, switch

Nvidia CEO is Very Impressed with the Nintendo Switch

A new way to play.

Nvidia is powering the Nintendo Switch, that much is certain. The Company’s CEO recently elaborated about what it has been like working on a project of this magnitude.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, spoke to VentureBeat about his thoughts on the Switch. It was revealed during the Switch’s reveal that Nvidia’s custom Tegra chip is powering the device, which surprised some, especially considering Nvidia has largely worked within the PC market in the past.

“In the case of Switch, it was such a ground-breaking design.” Huang said, “Performance matters because games are built on great performance, but form factor and energy efficiency matter incredibly because they want to build something that’s portable and transformable.” It’s clear that the console has impressed the company, and they recognizes the hurdles the Nintendo Switch needs to overcome, such as battery length and fidelity.

Speaking further about working with Nintendo he said, “The type of gameplay they want to enable is like nothing the world has so far. It’s a scenario where two great engineering teams, working with their creative teams, needed to hunker down. Several hundred engineering years went into building this new console. It’s the type of project that really inspires us, gets us excited. It’s a classic win-win.”

It appears that Nintendo is working closely with Nvidia, hammering out the details and hopefully ensuring the console’s success. If everything works out, Nintendo and Nvidia putting their heads together will enable the Nintendo Switch to be the major change to gaming that it appears to be.

The next major update on the Switch will come on January 12, 2017, where Nintendo will outline the games coming to the platform for launch, as well as likely outlining things such as price and a more specific release date.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in March 2017.


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