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Minecraft-Themed PlayStation Vitas Announced for Japan

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Minecraft-Themed PlayStation Vitas Announced for Japan

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Minecraft fans will be interested to know that Minecraft-themed PlayStation Vita handheld consoles are set to be released later this year. The only downside is that, for now, they’re only available in Japan.


minecraft-vita-model-ann-jp_11-14-16_002As Gamatsu reports, the Vitas are set to be released on Dec. 6  for 27,000 Yen (about $249). Western players will have to either import one or hope that Sony releases them in the West. Given that Microsoft now owns Minecraft, it is a little surprising that a PlayStation console would get a special edition, but this could be a way for Microsoft to help boost the game’s popularity in Japan.

Each bundle includes:

  • Minecraft-themed PS Vita hardware (in one of two designs)
  • A copy of Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
  • Minecraft-themed PS Vita original pouch
  • Minecraft PS Vita original theme
  • Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition DLC set (x 13)
    • Christmas Mash-Up
    • LittleBigPlanet Mash-Up Pack
    • Greeky Mythology Mash-Up
    • Battle & Beast Skin Pack
    • Battle & Beast 2 Skin Pack
    • Biome Pioneer Skin Pack 1
    • Pattern Texture Pack
    • Cartoon Texture Pack
    • Candy Texture Pack
    • Plastic Texture Pack
    • Natural Texture Pack
    • City Texture Pack
    • Fantasy Texture Pack
  • Original packaging

Pre-orders are now open on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

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