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Here are all 50 Long Lost Villagers Coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Here are all 50 Long Lost Villagers Coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Gotta catch’em them all!

During the Animal Crossing: New Leaf focused Nintendo Direct it was revealed that there will be an additional 50 welcome amiibo cards that will be compatible. Dubbed the “Long Lost Villagers” these 50 different villagers will have customized RV’s that can be explored at the new campground location. Each one can also be added to your village via talking with Wisp and using their amiibo card at the same time. Here are all 50 Long Lost Villagers coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

  1. Vivian
  2. Hopkins
  3. June
  4. Piper
  5. Paolo
  6. Hornsby
  7. Stella
  8. Tybalt
  9. Buck
  10. Sylvana
  11. Boris
  12. Wade
  13. Carrie
  14. Ketchup
  15. Rex
  16. Stu
  17. Ursala
  18. Jacob
  19. Maddie
  20. Billie
  21. Boyd
  22. Bitty
  23. Maggie
  24. Murphey
  25. Plucky
  26. Sandy
  27. Claude
  28. Raddle
  29. Julia
  30. Louie
  31. Bae
  32. Admiral
  33. Ellie
  34. Boots
  35. Weber
  36. Candi
  37. Leopold
  38. Spike
  39. Cashmere
  40. Tad
  41. Norma
  42. Gonzo
  43. Sprocket
  44. Snooty
  45. Olive
  46. Dobie
  47. Buzz
  48. Cleo
  49. Ike
  50. Tasha

Given that your average amiibo card pack retails for around $4-5, it would cost you about $33 to 35 to collect them all. However, this is assuming you get no duplicates in any of your packs, so this price could be much higher. There is no word yet if you can purchase only specific Animal Corssing: New Leaf villager cards or if they will arrive in packs of 6 like before.

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