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Double Fine Quashes Brutal Legend Sequel Rumors

Brutal Legend, metal

Double Fine Quashes Brutal Legend Sequel Rumors

Jack Black is not back.

A mysterious Brutal Legend image has been circling around social media networks over the past few days, leading to many fans speculating if a sequel was in the works to Double Fine’s 2009 action-adventure game.

This speculation was fueled further when a member of the Double Fine team, Lee Petty, also shared the image on Twitter, but it wasn’t long before the studio began to conduct damage control on the rumors.

Double Fine tweeted to confirm that the image was merely a “fan site posting and nothing to do with us”, and Petty himself clarified that he was just fondly sharing the artwork out of nostalgia rather than teasing any impending announcement.

Double Fine’s twitter account once again reasserted the studio’s position on Brutal Legend 2, saying that the team haven’t ruled out the possibility of a sequel, but currently have nothing in the works at the moment.

Instead, the developers are busy working on another sequel to one of their cult classics, Psychonauts 2, which is due to release sometime in 2018.

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