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Diablo 20th Anniversary Gets New Gems, Pets, Loadouts and Weapons


Diablo 20th Anniversary Gets New Gems, Pets, Loadouts and Weapons

Who doesn’t want a mini-butcher?

For those looking to dive back into Diablo III they will be able to earn a plethora of rewards and gear that you can obtain. Most of this comes from the Darkening of Tristram, which is the recreation of the original Diablo game that Blizzard is releasing for free. For those looking to add more items to their collection, players are able to collect new pets such as a miniature version of The Butcher boss and a legendary head gem that’s based off the Diablo crystal. You can also use a skeleton leg as a weapon, which is really all anyone could ever ask for.

Diablo III

Another big addition that is coming to Diablo III is the armory, which is a new loadout system that lets players store their various armor, gem, and weapon sets. Blizzard has also decided to remove the unequip cost for all gems and legendary gems, making it absolutely free to those who kept having to swap.

These features will be coming to both consoles and PC, allowing for players to streamline all of their Diablo III heroes.

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