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WoW Legion Tomb of Sargeras Raid Bosses, Mobs, and More Revealed


WoW Legion Tomb of Sargeras Raid Bosses, Mobs, and More Revealed

Sargeras lives! …sort of.

World of Warcraft lives and breaths by the end game raids that it has been providing players for years, but none may be cooler than the newest one yet to release. Dubbed “Tomb of Sargeras” this is the second raid in the WoW Legion expansion and will feature 9 bosses as you continue to descend deeper into the crypts. Game Director Ion Hazzikosas took to BlizzCon’s stage earlier today and detailed the next raid to come along with what players can expect.

WoW Raid

Hazzikosas actually showed users a 2-D map of their current layout for raid, which featured four prominent sections called Cathedral, Flooded Caves, Sealed Elven Wing and one unnamed area where two bosses reside. The opening section is the Cathedral which is going to be guarded by a massive Pit Lord/Infernal hybrid that bashes through the side wall before the battle. Blizzard wanted to put heavy emphasis on starting the raid with “…large, visually impressive foes…” so expect this opening to be no different.

WoW’s Game Director also went into detail for some of the other foes and bosses that you will face along your journey. One of them is skeleton that is described as a melee variant of the jailer which will be found on the first level of the raid. When you enter the Naga controlled portion of the raid level, you are going to need to slay a Sea Witch that will be utilizing a massive Kraken during her battle.

WoW Raid

If you make it to the lowest portion of the tomb you are going to come face to face with the Avatar of Sargeras. This entity once contained the soul of Sargeras, but some part of him still lingers within this husk. The final boss, however, will be the right hand of Gul’dan himself, Kiljaeden. Sadly Blizzard was queit about what to expect from this fight, so you will have to wait and see. World of Warcraft’s newest raid looks like another excellent addition for WoW’s library of post-game content. Just make sure you are fully spec’d out before you try and slay these fearsome foes.

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