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Did Sombra’s Origin Trailer Give Hints to Future Overwatch Heroes?

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Did Sombra’s Origin Trailer Give Hints to Future Overwatch Heroes?

What could it mean?

So, Blizzard’s finally pulled back the curtain on the elusive Sombra! Good for them. But as is always the case with Overwatch, it’s almost immediately time to look towards the future, and in that regard, her origin story short may have given us more information than expected. Let’s dive in.

Near the end of the trailer, Sombra declares that she’ll hunt down the ones behind the global conspiracy that forced her to go into hiding and once she does so, she’ll “be the one pulling the strings.” During that, she’s shown hacking into a screen that shows the digital equivalent of a yarn thread connecting not only members of Overwatch and the Volskaya organization that she helped Reaper and Widowmaker infiltrate, but three other groups, as well. Here’s the picture.


In the low right-hand corner closest to her symbol, an eye, there’s the symbol for Talon, which also dovetails into the Overwatch symbol by way of Reaper’s. The thread that connects to Reaper also connects to Ana Amari, which in turn connects to both her daughter Pharah and a person with a generic picture. Could that person be another child she had, or like a brother or sister? Ana’s picture also connects to a photo of her with her mask on, which connects to another unknown person. What could that mean, one wonders? Pharah, for her part, has two tiny pictures next to her that are blurred, one of which appears to a dark-skinned man with a white beard. How curious.

On the left side of Sombra’s thread, you can see the logo for the Volskaya organization, which links to blueprints for a mech (possibly the one that was used against Reaper in her short), which itself eventually connects to a gauntlet. Overwatch fans will recognize it as the gauntlet of one Doomfist, who Reaper and Widowmaker both tried to take from a museum but were stopped from doing so. The gauntlet is linked to Talon, so maybe Doom was once a Talon agent himself? (The gauntlet’s link to a spider-like mech may indicate that it launched spider-drones, possibly.)

Volskaya’s logo is tied to a pyramid in the upper left, which is the Lumerico Power Company’s symbol, which is tied to a bald man with a handlebar mustache. Exactly who the man is, is unclear, but Sombra has clearly found a link between Lumerico and Volskaya, and it can be assumed he is a high-ranking official. When blackmailing Katya in her short, it’s made apparent that this isn’t the first time that she’s had to do this, so it’s possible that some of the photos and icons we’re seeing are officials who she’s blackmailed into owing her favors.

If it’s not, though, could some of these be future Overwatch characters? Blizzard doesn’t just put stuff in for the sake of it, as Winston’s animated short showed us, and they’ve been hinting at Sombra since the beta for the game. Whether some of these people are folks under her control or all of this is one long hit list, it’s clear that she’s not someone whose bad side you want to get on.

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