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Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Update Brings More Than Just amiibo Support


Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Update Brings More Than Just amiibo Support

A whole host of new content.

During today’s Animal Crossing Direct, it was revealed that the game would be receiving a bunch of other new features other than the amiibo support that had already been mentioned.

First things first, players will have a new currency to collect and spend in the form of MEOW coupons. Standing for Mutual Exchange of Wealth, these are rewarded to players just for doing activities you’d normally do in your town anyway called Town Initiatives. For example, selling five pieces of fruit from trees, catching fish, or planting flowers will all reward you with a number of these coupons. These can then be used to buy items from Harvey’s campground or visiting villager’s RVs. These items are rare and cannot be bought from the standard shops in your town, so it’s definitely worth investing in these new coupons.

Next up is the Secret Storeroom, a new feature which you can add to your home courtesy of Nook’s Homes. This doesn’t add a room to your house, but just an invisible closet of sorts which you can access from anywhere. If you choose to get the Secret Storeroom for your home and then complete a quick interior design tutorial, you can start decorating and organizing your furniture with your 3DS’ touchscreen. It’s just as the feature felt in Happy Home Designer.

The update also allows you to order giant furniture from the Nookling’s catalog in New Leaf if you’ve got Happy Home Designer saved data on your system. Another minor update comes in the form of being able to mute the chat when you visit Club Tortimer, just in case you end up meeting someone there you’d rather not interact with.

One of the handiest features that comes as part of the Welcome amiibo update is the ability to demolish and recreate your town. This might not sound all that new, but by recreating your town, Tom Nook will essentially buy your town in its current form and give you a lump sum to start off with in your new one. The amount you get will depend on your town’s prestige level, but it’s a nice way to jump right back into the action if you’ve not played in a few months and the place is covered in weeds.

If you’d rather bring your favorite characters from Animal Crossing into the real world, however, you can do so by snapping photos of them in front of real-life backgrounds thanks to the 3DS’ camera. You can change their pose, size, and add in as many as you want before snapping the perfect shot.

Rounding off the new non-amiibo features is the addition of two new mini-games that are available if you buy the Wii U or New Nintendo 3DS XL items in the game. Puzzle League will have you clearing lines of blocks of fruit, whereas Desert Island Escape is very similar to the game of the same name from Animal Crossing amiibo festival.

If you’re interested in checking out the new amiibo features that came as part of Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s update, you can find all of the information here.


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