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Super Mario Speedrunner Breaks World Record

super mario bros speedrunner world record

Super Mario Speedrunner Breaks World Record

Do the Mario! But fast. Like, really fast.

The fastest man alive might not be the Flash, Superman or Quicksilver — it might be a fat little Italian plumber. Or, more accurately, it might be the guy controlling said plumber.

YouTuber Darbian posted a new speedrun record of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. yesterday in which he beat the previous world record for completing the seminal platformer. Darbian dropped King Koopa into a pool of lava and rescued the princess just 4 minutes and 56.878 seconds after beginning his playthrough. The previous record was 4 minutes and 57.194 seconds and was set by Kosmicd12.

As GamesBeat reports, this isn’t Darbian’s first time being the world’s fastest plumber. He most recently sat at the top of the Super Mario Bros. speedrun record book back in October of 2015.

Though it’s less than a tenth of a second faster than the record he broke, Darbian claims his latest record is “a time that was considered nearly impossible just a few weeks ago.”

Super Mario Bros. first released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, instantly becoming a classic and a cultural phenomenon. Mario, of course, went on to become the industry icon that he remains to this day.


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