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A Final Fantasy XV PC Port Would Take More Than a Year to Develop

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A Final Fantasy XV PC Port Would Take More Than a Year to Develop

What’s another 365 or so after you’ve already waited a decade, right?

After a ludicrous 10-year development cycle, Final Fantasy XV will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 29. But what about PC?

Well, according to game director Hajime Tabata, PC players still have a lengthy wait ahead of them before they’ll be able to get their hands on the series’ latest. In fact, Tabata believes it would take his team more than an entire year to port Final Fantasy XV over to PC, because the developers wouldn’t be content with just releasing a carbon copy of the console version. They’d insist on making something better.

While the prospect of a superior version of the already hotly anticipated JRPG sounds enticing, the wait could be excruciating for gamers who have already been waiting over a decade for this game. Worse, the PC version is purely hypothetical; Square Enix supposedly has not begun any work on it yet, meaning the clock has not yet started ticking down on the year and change wait.

“On that hypothesis, not talking about something real, just an idea, if we worked on a PC version what I have very clear is that we would work to provide a better version of what we have now on consoles,” Tabata told Spanish site Vida Extra. “We could say that something like this would take us more than a year. We should work to adapt the engine, which is very laborious, and from there to develop its course.”

As for the console builds, Tabata noted that his team is prepared to deliver “the best” it could squeeze out of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy XV will support HDR on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, though. Tabata also hinted in the interview that his game could potentially receive further optimizations for newer versions of Sony and Microsoft’s hardware down the road.


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