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Some Destiny Players Have Made the Michael Jackson Tribute We Deserve


Some Destiny Players Have Made the Michael Jackson Tribute We Deserve

Something evil’s lurking in the dark…

Michael Jackson and Destiny have had a bit of an odd relationship thanks to Bungie adding in several emotes that homage the legendary pop icon’s dance moves. Even though thousands of Guardians can rock the Thriller and Beat It dance across the solar system, one Destiny clan have taken it a few steps further. The clan known as Husky Raid  put together an amazing tribute to some of the musician’s most famous songs, including the insanely popular song Thriller. Don’t believe us? Well check out their video below:

Obviously, this performance is taking place during the beginning portion of the Crota’s End raid and features a number of emotes, masks and armor pieces. Not to mention during some sections the group swaps armor and emotes, which means they either had to be lighting fast in the menus or someone off screen is doing this via the Destiny Mobile Application.

Regardless, this is an impressive video and certainly one of the best fan-made creations to ever come from this title. They are also responsible for creating music videos for both the Backstreet Boys and Gwen Stefani. Seriously, though, if you guys are taking requests we’d love to see that Beat It dance move put to good use in another Michael Jackson tribute.

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