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Destiny and the Backstreet Boys Come Together for Greatness


Destiny and the Backstreet Boys Come Together for Greatness


Just when you thought Destiny couldn’t get any better, someone’s gone and made a music video inside the game, and it’s beautiful. A group of guys by the name of Husky Raid had their Guardians dance it up at the Vault of Glass while Backstreet Boys’ “Backstreet’s Back” played. It sounds completely ridiculous, but it’s actually really well done, and may be the greatest video of all time. Good timing with the Supers to the beat of the music, and great “choreography” help. Those sweet moves will save the galaxy from the Darkness, just you wait.

But that said…can the next one be “Larger Than Life”, easily the best Backstreet song of all time? Seriously, is there a better song in their catalog than that? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t be afraid to check out the rest of Husky’s Destiny stuff. It’s pretty great.

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