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New Skyrim: Special Edition Gameplay Trailer Delivers on the Visuals

Skyrim: Special Edition

New Skyrim: Special Edition Gameplay Trailer Delivers on the Visuals

Slaying dragons in style.

Borrowing heavily from the last-gen comparison trailer released earlier this month, the newest trailer for Skyrim: Special Edition offers up more gameplay and action alongside the gorgeous graphics.

Featuring dragons, execution moves, and an always-welcome Fus Ro Dah, the tail end of the trailer gives fans a slightly better look at what it will be like to fight our way through Skyrim once more. The remastered art and effects, including the volumetric god rays and dynamic depth of field, all go towards making the gameplay look better than ever. Other than the visual updates, Skyrim: Special Edition also brings mod support to consoles, similar to the updates already live in Fallout 4.

Skyrim: Special Edition releases Oct. 28 for PS4 and Xbox One. Those that already own the original game on PC will be able to pick up the remastered Special Edition as a free update.

Just yesterday Nintendo revealed the company’s new console, the Switch. A game that unquestionably appears to be Skyrim can be seen being played in the console’s reveal trailer. None-the-less, despite having announced a partnership with Nintendo, Bethesda will not actually confirm a Switch version of the game is in development. As we find out more, you’ll see it all right here on Twinfinite.

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