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Pokemon Developer Game Freak Responds to Fan-Made Games

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Pokemon Developer Game Freak Responds to Fan-Made Games

RIP Pokemon Uranium.

Nintendo has made no secret of their willingness to fight against fan-made games that use the publisher’s intellectual property. This year in particular has seen plenty of such titles taken down, be it small projects like No Mario’s Sky or massive, nine-year projects like Pokemon Uranium. With that in mind, the reaction from Pokemon developer Game Freak is somewhat of a departure from that of the publisher.

After being in development for almost a decade, Pokemon Uranium released this past summer, reportedly managing 1.5 million downloads before the fans that made the game pulled it down due to legal threat.

Speaking with Kotaku on the topic of fan-games, Pokemon Sun and Moon producer Junichi Masuda admits “Yes, of course, I see a lot of the—well, it’s hard to say an example, but I see a lot of people on Twitter [sending me] different takes [on Pokemon].” That includes everything from fan art to large-scale fan projects like a game.

Continuing, “If I see that you are having fun creating things, or working on an art project…working on game development, we kind of share that feeling,” he says, referring to the joy of making something creative.

“In general terms, as creators we both have fun creating things, and at Game Freak we are always looking for skilled individuals, so please apply!”

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases Nov. 18.

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