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The Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Is Out Today, Here’s How to Get It

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Is Out Today, Here’s How to Get It

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Pokemon Sun and Moon doesn’t officially arrive until Nov. 18, but for those who are ready to dive into a whole new region, there is the demo landing today.

The first way to grab the demo is by heading to the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS. Either click the demo icon from the first page or keep moving right until you see a box that says “Pokemon” – this has all the Pokemon games in one spot for you. Press A when you find the demo, it should be similar to the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo title. At the bottom, you should see a button that says download, click on that and you’ll be set once it is done downloading

The other method requires you head to the official Nintendo website and to have your Nintendo account linked to your 3DS system Nintendo Network ID. If the demo isn’t on the front page, then look towards the top and click on the “Game Store” tab; once you do that, a drop down box will appear, and you’ll want to select Nintendo 3DS games. If the demo still doesn’t appear on this page, then scroll down until you see the Pokemon 20th celebration area, click, and you should see the demo on the next page. Once you get to the demo page, scroll down and you should be able to download it once your account is connected.

If you can’t find the demo on your 3DS or on the Nintendo website, then it might not be out for your region yet. Make sure you grab the demo when it is out, though, in order to get the special Ash-Greninja.


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